Goth esoteric and fetish goth


Goth esoteric
It is a fashion that is inspired by all that kind of music that is characterized by dark, mysterious, horrorifices with themes focused on the paranormal, and that, sometimes, refer to neo-pagan religions such as wicca. Female fashion just imagine the figure by Morticia, a famous character in the Addams family. Always using dark colors like black and purple, the wardrobe with some lace inserts.

Fetish goth
The fetish goth is a style based on the fetishist aesthetic and BDSM *, as well as on that goth.In the clothing certainly prevail garments in PVC, rubber, latex, all materials that adhere like a second skin. Color is almost always black, except for elaborate garments such as corsets, where other colors can also be found. Accessories used in bondage are common, such as whips, floggers, handcuffs, chains and laces. They are also currents and tattoos.Other distinctive features are the boots and gloves, also often made of close-fitting and shiny material and metal elements, such as studs or collars, also constrictive.

Thanks to everyone next time.

* BDSM = identifies a wide range of relational and erotic practices that allow to share fantasies based on pain, the imbalance of power and humiliation.



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