The elegant goth style, the goth metal and vampire goth


The elegant goth style, goth metal and vampire goth are exclusively masculine.

1.Elegant Goth: coats and cloaks, very thin, pale face and make-up eyes with black pencil, shirt like with the clutches like those dressed by Lord Byron.
2.Goth metal: torn t-shirts, amphibians, band t-shirts, dark trousers, pants covered with belts and chains, studded belts and the makeup with a very clear foundation and black pencil is also very fundamental.
3.Vampire goth: it would not be that the fusion of the romatic goth style with the addition of elements such as a white foundation, wide cloaks, contact lenses of non-natural colors, dental prostheses and many elements of black or latex leather. This style makes a parsimonious use of color: in fact, in addition to black there are almost only violet, white or scarlet red details, in reference to death, these same elements are shared, even for women’s fashion, except (but not always) of large cloaks and frequent use of black dresses up to the ankles. Besides the vampire, other relevant figures as sources of inspiration are fairies and angels. Common are in fact diadems or wings, used as an accessory. They can be of all colors, though
they are often black.

And for today and everything. Thanks and good reading



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