wiccan style


Hello everyone, today as the first topic we will address the Wiccan style (the one I prefer) I will point out that it is not very difficult to adapt to everyday life and especially when it is more recommended to dress in certain contexts. In this context of outfit it should not be vulgar, but elegant (like all styles). In fact, when I see those girls who do not try to enhance their forms but only show everything possible without an ounce of elegance means that they have not understood anything about fashion and style but put the first rags that are found. Having said all this I start by telling you that I will present you some outfit models to use, in the morning (to go to do the thick, bring the dog to the park), work, afternoon (for an afternoon coffee or an aperitif), evening.

Now let’s talk about the clothing to use in the morning. It is not very complicated a nice sweatshirt or sweater, a torn black jeans or a black or fancy leagins (for example I love the moon and its lunar phases in fact very often leagins and sweatshirts are with these prints), ankle boots or amphibians. Accessories we love.

While to go to work, clothing changes radically. For the job I recommend a more sober outfit like a simple dress with a cut at the waist, long sleeves, without neckline, with a lace garter belt. Simple and elegant, especially not vulgar. Shoes with ankle boot. Accessories we love.

Now let’s talk about the afternoon outfit. In the afternoon I see it romantic because of the sunset and in fact the favorite outfit and a red skirt, a black tank top, boots with heels (I love them), a black stole and as always accessories that we love.

Now we can the last outfit regarding the evening. I propose you an elegant dress with a short dress with bustier and a sweetheart neckline. A burgundy shawl, not very tall boots. Accessories we love.

Thanks for everything, good reading. -A



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